Red Dog manufactures a comprehensive range of wear resistant overlays for steel plates at it's facilities in the UK using Red Dog's proprietary bulk weld process, these overlays are available from Kubes Alloys as your local Red Dog distributor.  The properties of these different overlay compositions and substrates have been engineered to provide extended service life at ambient and elevated temperatures in aggressive environments involving abrasion, erosion and impact.

Red Dog plates are available in a range of thicknesses and choice of overlay alloy/base plate combinations produced with either single or double pass overlay layers as appropriate.

Red Dog's particular method of manufacture of overlay plate is especially suited for producing overlay thicknesses with greatly extended service life.  The narrow overlay bead morphology, and it's characteristic fine pattern of stress cracking, ensures optimum resistance to the loss of the protective overlay deposit through spalling under even the most severe conditions.

Red Dog's proprietary plate technology, combined with over fifty years experience in the development and application of wear resistant alloys, is also available to customers to modify standard products or develop special alloys to meet specific application needs.

All Red Dog's wear resistant plate is manufactured under strict quality control systems.

As part of our commitment to adding value through services, Kubes Alloys also offers in-house cutting and fabrication of Red Dog™ wear resistant plate as either liners or complete structures.  In addition, Kubes Alloys can provide a custom hardfacing service to protect or refurbish a wide range of wearing components with various alloy compositions.

Nominal compositions for undiluted alloy overlays

Below is a summary of Red Dog's alloy range showing the nominal composition of the undiluted overlay.  More detailed information with compositions and hardnesses for single and second layer overlays is available by contacting Kubes Alloys.

Unless otherwise stated, the typical operating temperatures of these materials is up to 450°C (840°F).

T137X - High Chromium with Iron and Niobium (Nb or Cb) and Vanadium (Hypo Eutectic)

An alloy overlay with high impact resistance and abrasion properties slightly below T200X and T211X.

Element C Mn Cr Nb V Others Fe HRc*
Wt% 3.8 3.5 22 9 0.5 1.3 Remainder 47-52

T153X - Medium Chromium Iron (Hypo Eutectic)

This alloy was developed for applications requiring moderate to high abrasion resistance with moderate to high impact strength.

Element C Cr Mo Fe HRc*
Wt% 3 15 2 Remainder 50-55

T200X - High Chromium Iron (Hyper Eutectic)

An alloy overlay with high abrasion resistance suited to low stress applications with moderate to high impact conditions.  This versatile product is widely used in many industries.

Element C Mn Cr Others Fe HRc*
Wt% 5.4 3.5 34 1.3 Remainder 55-60

T211X - High Chromium Iron with Boron (Hyper Eutectic)

A similar overlay to T200X but offering high abrasion resistance in higher stress applications with low to moderate impact conditions.

Element C Mn Cr B Others Fe HRc*
Wt% 4.9 3 33 1 1.3 Remainder 57-62

T214X - High Chromium Iron (Hyper Eutectic)

This overlay alloy is available only as a 1/16 inch overlay on a choice of substrates for dynamic and weight critical applications. The alloy offers resistance to grinding abrasion and good erosion resistance under moderate to high impact conditions. The analysis provided below is taken from the actual overlay.

Element C Mn Cr B Fe HRc*
Wt% 2.5 1.5 15 0.5 Remainder 45-50

T223X - High Chromium Iron with Niobium (Nb or Cb), Molybdenum, Tungsten and Vanadium (Hyper Eutectic)

An alloy overlay providing high resistance to abrasion at temperatures up to approximately 650°C (1200°F).

Element C Mn Cr Mo W V Nb Others Fe Hrc*
Wt% 5.6 0.7 27 5 1.25 1 5.5 1.3 Remainder 62-64

T237X - High Chromium Iron with Niobium (Nb or Cb) (Hyper Eutectic)

An overlay offering higher abrasion resistance than T200X and T211X combined with intermediate impact resistance.

Element C Mn Cr Nb Others Fe Hrc*
Wt% 4.9 4 22 9 1.3 Remainder 50-55

*HRc is Rockwell C Hardness

More details on the composition and properties of specific alloys are provided on individual specification leaflets available on request from Kubes Alloys directly.